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Deck Painting

On average, it costs $9,450 to construct a new deck. When the home is sold, the new deck adds an estimated $10,000 in value. Whether you want to relax on your deck or improve your home's value, your deck needs to be maintained to do its job. Through deck refinishing and painting, you can protect your deck and help it last years longer.

Paint Your Deck to Create a More Beautiful Home

Your deck gives you an outdoor living space that you can enjoy throughout the year. Elegant touches like benches, deck furniture, fireplaces and gazebos make this area the perfect space to gather with your loved ones. By getting deck painting services, you can protect your investment and beautify your home.

Unlike your bedroom and kitchen walls, your deck is exposed to the outdoor elements. Because of this, the paint and finish will naturally fade over time. The paint will ultimately flake away, and the finish will become dull.

This is an issue because your deck's paint plays a major role in protecting the wood. If the paint flakes away, moisture and mold can wreak havoc on the wood's surface. Before long, moss will start to grow. Dark streaks will form in the wood. If you do not refinish your deck, the wood will eventually decay.

The best way to stop this process from happening is by refinishing or painting your deck. A coat of paint or stain provides a protective layer that stops moisture from damaging your wood. In general, you should paint your deck every two to three years. If you get the painting work done by a professional, it will typically last longer.

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Discover Our Painting and Finishing Services

Deck Painting and Finishing Services

At Trusted Painters LLC, you can get help with services like deck painting, finishing, sanding and power washing. Whether you want to repaint your entire house or need maintenance work on your deck, our team has the experience you need. If your deck is in terrible shape, we can quickly get it into working order.

Our painting contractors have experience working with a variety of sealants, paints and finishes. We are talented at using all of the latest techniques and equipment. In just a few hours, we can transform your worn deck into a revitalized masterpiece. You can start enjoying the outdoors again and entertain on your updated deck.

With our company, you can discover some of the following services.

  • Sanding
  • Painting/Staining
  • Power washing
  • Repair options
  • Deck sealants

What Happens During the Refinishing Process?

With deck refinishing, you can protect your investment and improve the lifespan of your deck. Weather and normal wear can harm your deck over time. During our refinishing process, you can repair and refinish your deck.

The process begins by removing your deck furniture. We cover your landscape plants so that paint and chemicals do not harm your yard. Then, we replace rotten boards and any boards that are beyond repair. By doing this, we can ensure that your deck is sturdy as well as beautiful.

If there are loose nails, we will drive them down so that they do not snag your skin or clothes. Once this is done, we can begin refinishing your deck with a semi-transparent, natural or solid stain. We also offer services like power washing and refinishing outdoor furniture, playground sets and fences.

The Benefits of Working with Trusted Painters LLC

People choose our company for a variety of reasons. In the Rockford IL region, we are known for residential and commercial painting projects. We have built a track record of providing superior customer service. With our business, you can transform your renovation dreams into a reality.


Rockford Deck Painters

We Are Licensed and Insured

You want to protect your home. To do this, you have to work with a reputable business. Because we are licensed and insured, you know that you can trust our company to get the job done the right way. In addition, we make sure all of our employees pass a thorough background check before they are allowed to visit a job site.


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

With our company, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do not like our deck painting services, call us. We will immediately come to your home to repair any issues until you are completely satisfied.


We Have Years of Experience

Trusted Painters LLC has more than 5 years of experience. Because of this, we have plenty of customer testimonials and reviews that prove the quality of our services. Our vetted painters deliver the best possible results and customer service.


We Always Stick to the Budget

You can enjoy having your project completed on time and on budget. Before we begin a painting job, we create a written estimate that covers all of the work. This free estimate is the maximum amount you will be expected to pay. No matter what happens, we never charge you more than the estimate.


We Provide a Two-Year Warranty

Our two-year warranty covers labor and materials. If there is a problem with your deck refinishing services, we will immediately fix it. Our team members can help you figure out the warranty that works best for your unique situation.

For your home to look its best, it must be consistently maintained and repaired. Our painting and refinishing services can help you protect the interior and exterior of your home. To learn more about our services, call us today.