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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are popular with homeowners who want a fresh look that improves home values. These projects can be as extensive or as minimal as your budget and imagination allow. Trusted Painters LLC offers a cost-effective way to get the look that you want in your kitchen or bathroom. Besides painting room interiors, we refinish cabinets with high-quality paints that deliver professional finishes that you’ll be proud to show to family and friends.

When you want to make over your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, your options include cabinet replacement, refacing, and refinishing. If you’re completely changing the layout of your space or your cabinets are in poor condition, replacing your cabinets may be the option for you. However, most people pass on replacing cabinets because of cost constraints. According to the Spruce, you can expect to pay between $12,000 and $20,000 for new, builder-grade cabinets. If you want to keep your room’s existing layout, cabinet refacing is a less expensive option. During cabinet refacing, a contractor replaces cabinet drawer and door fronts and hardware. Cabinet refacing can cost up to 50 percent less than cabinet replacement.

For budget-wise homeowners who want a custom, quality look, nothing beats cabinet refinishing with paint. Besides being more economical than both cabinet replacement and refacing, you get to choose among an endless array of color and finish options. With our bathroom and kitchen cabinet painting services, you’ll get a custom look that brightens the room and the outlook of those who enter it.

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The Painting Process

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Time and technique are two reasons that savvy homeowners hire professional cabinet painters to refinish their cabinets. Painting contractors use a systematic painting method to get consistently great results. Here’s what it looks like.

Site Preparation

Preparing your work area for painting can make or break your project. We start by protecting your floors and surrounding areas with cloths and tape and removing fixtures that are hard to paint around. Our painters clean and vacuum the surrounding areas to make sure that dust, dirt, or debris doesn’t mar freshly painted surfaces.


Cabinet Cleaning

Cabinet surfaces are notorious magnets for dirt, grease, and grime. Many householders forget to scrub them during their cleaning sessions. When we refinish your cabinets, we clean and degrease them to prepare them for new paint. We also lightly sand cabinets to remove old factory finishes or worn varnishes. Primer, paints, and finishes adhere better to smooth surfaces.


Minor Patching and Repairs

High-quality cabinets are made to last for years. During this time, they see a lot of wear. While dings and scratches highlight the room’s character, they do nothing aesthetically for our paint project. Our painters take time to fill in surface cracks and gashes to produce an even surface for painting.

Cabinet Painting

Paint Application

During this phase of the project, we apply primer and your chosen paint color. We consider the room’s lighting and size when we apply multiple coats of paint to reach the desired shade.


Protective Finish Application

We offer custom finishes that range from ultra-sleek modern to antique distressed. We apply a protective finish coating that keeps surfaces looking fresh for years.


Benefits of Cabinet Painting

When it comes to refreshing your kitchen or bathroom, the benefits of painting your cabinets are undeniable. In the hands of a skilled professional, paint can make a small space appear brighter and a larger one look warmer and cozier. Painting your cabinets allows you to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom while stretching your remodeling budget

When homeowners decide to replace their cabinets, the discarded wood often ends up in landfills. By painting your cabinets, you extend their usefulness into the future and save money. The new look increases your home’s value while helping you to maintain your values relating to the environment. We also deliver eco-friendly painting services that minimize chemical fumes in your home.

Cabinet replacement is a lengthy project that involves demolition and lots of clutter. When you hire us to paint your cabinets, you get fast, professional results without turning your kitchen into a full-fledged construction site.


Expertise and Quality Materials Give Superior Results

Everyone has seen those do-it-yourself painting projects that result in missing corners and edges and finishes that show brush strokes. While well intentioned, these weekend warriors lacked knowledge of painting techniques and the equipment that they would need to get professional results. You’ll find that the keys to a quality finish are in the details. Professional painting contractors put expertise, commercial-grade tools, and premium paints to work for flawless finishes that last.


Why Choose Us for Your Cabinet Painting Project

We’re your go-to source for painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets when you want professional results at fair prices in and around Rockford. Our painters are a critical part of our continued success. We hire experienced cabinet painters who undergo background checks to give you peace of mind that your home and family are in good hands. Our team members are conscientious and demonstrate keen attention to detail as they find out your vision for the space and execute the work. They respect your time and living space by arriving on time to service appointments and cleaning up after the work day is done.

We are licensed and insured to offer painting services throughout the Rockford area. To get and keep our professional standing in the community, we must stay aware of the various paint products on the market and how they interact with different surfaces. We pick paint products that work best for your space. Using brands like Sherwin Williams is a hallmark of our services. We don’t cut corners because we want to produce results that leave you and our team 100 percent satisfied. Our satisfaction guaranteed promise is backed by a two-year, all-inclusive warranty.


Getting Started With Trusted Painters LLC

Getting started on your next painting project is easy with Trusted Painters LLC. Contact one of our team members to set up an appointment for a site inspection. We’ll get to know your preferences for your cabinets, and we’ll present you with options. Once you decide on the scope of work, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of the work that outlines what is and isn’t included in the project as well as optional services and their associated fees. There are no hidden costs when it comes to Trusted Painters LLC. Call us today to get started on your custom cabinet refresh.