New Construction Painting in Edmond, OK

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New Homes Painting in Edmond, OK


Painting the walls of a new home may seem like a straightforward task. However, new construction painting has some complexity to the process that makes producing a professional finish a bit intricate. New construction painting requires extra work if you want a stunning, first-rate paint job. The important key is in the preparation of the walls. This must be done correctly and with the right supplies and tools to ensure that the paint adheres properly to the drywall for a smooth, even finish.

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Years of Experience Produces Best Results


For years Kaleidoscope Paint understands the professional home builder’s particular needs and the need to do the job right the first time and on time time.

Choosing our company as your residential construction painting services business is an excellent decision. Your sales representatives will easily impress potential new home owners with the quality of the workmanship. You will be extremely satisfied with our responsiveness, our abilities to meet deadlines, and our willingness to do what it takes to ensure your new home inventory exceeds expectations.

We Offer Comprehensive Painting Services

We also offer exterior and interior painting services. By using us for comprehensive service performed by one company, you avoid the complications that can arise when using multiple subcontractors. Delays in finishing the project are eliminated, which optimized work efficiency. We're proud to use superior products such as water-based, eco-friendly paint which is far more durable products made from lacquer, better caulk which allows expansion, and more. You can also count on our company. We utilize what we call “turn-key operations,” and we have fully insured painters and are general-liability insured. And, to make things as smooth as possible for you, we gladly accept net 15 payment.


Our professional painters are knowledgeable and experienced. They want to get the job done correctly. On your job site, you can clearly identify them, and supervisors will report on the progress on a daily basis.

We offer the following services to home builders including:

  • Color and painting product consultation
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Drywall installation

For each new construction project we work on, Kaleidoscope Paint gives you detailed estimates. We also ensure a foreman on–site to ensure that objectives are met on time and within budget. We are fully insured with the manpower, equipment, and logistics to make your new home painting project a thorough success.

We are a fully insured company that offers:

  • Product consultation
  • A free itemized estimate listing all aspects of the project
  • Guaranteed (lets talk about this) project starts and end dates
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Foreman on site each day
  • Specific protection for your interiors, cabinets and floors during painting
  • Color and painting product consultation
  • Proper wall preparation, which is essential in new construction for superior paint adhesion
  • We only send qualified, trained professional painters to your home
  • Written satisfaction guarantee for your paint project (lets talk about this)
  • Quick project completion that does not compromise quality
  • Complete site cleanup

High quality and error free painting produces higher customer satisfaction. You will enjoy fewer customer service calls over the first year as well. Our company will help your new homes shine in comparison to the competition.


Your Painting Partner For New Home Construction

We partner with your onsite management, and we strive to make their jobs easier by doing ours correctly. We have a proprietary paint management system that enables us to work more efficiently, thereby keeping your project under budget and on time.
We have excellent internal quality control processes that pass savings on to you. In addition, we help you create stunning show homes with exquisite colors and custom paint finishes.

We have years of experience working with contractors on new construction paint projects. Our process produces superior results designed to wow the potential new home owner. We work on time and on budget as well. Our crews are highly organized teams that strive for optimal results at all times.

For more information on our services, our paint management process and the benefits you derive from engaging our company, give us a call today. We are the best Edmond OK commercial painting company that delivers quality work at a fair price. We have the best team around to begin and complete your residential construction painting. Get a free estimate today.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and insured.