The Psychology Behind Rockford Paint Colors

The Psychology Behind Rockford Paint Colors

There are few things that can transform the ambiance in your home as quickly and as thoroughly as a fresh coat of paint. As the seasons change, you may feel inspired to make a few beautiful changes inside your home. However, color selection is critical to achieving the results you want. With a seemingly endless array of hues and tones to choose from, how can you make a selection that you will love for years to come? As your preferred home painting contractor in Rockford IL, Trusted Painters can guide you through each stage of your painting project. For many of our clients, this begins with the selection of the right color palette.

The Psychology Behind Paint Colors

Choosing the right colors for your interior painters to apply to the walls and trim may be one of the most challenging aspects of your project. After all, you may be trying to pull out a tone in the drapes, brighten up a dark area of the home or achieve other results. At the same time, however, you need to focus on the impact that color has on mood. The psychological impact of your color selection can alter the feel of your home and your experience in each of your rooms, so you cannot rush through your selection process. What should you know about the psychology behind paint colors before you hire a painting contractor to transform your home decor?


Pink is most commonly associated with a young child’s bedroom, but it can be incorporated in any room throughout the home. It often evokes feelings of empathy, and it can have a soothing effect on mood. For some people, it creates a nurturing feel. Some homeowners may be concerned about incorporating too much pink into a space, but it can be successfully used in combination with other beautiful accent colors with lovely results.


Purple is most commonly associated with royalty, so darker shades can bring a rich element into a space. Deep purple and plum are dramatic hues with a sophisticated edge. They evoke passion as well as confidence. On the other hand, light shades of purple have a soft, floral feel. Shades like lilac and lavender can inspire creativity and soothe the senses at the same time.


Lighter shades of green have a fresh look that evokes a sense of rejuvenation. Darker or deeper shades of green elevate your ability to focus without causing overstimulation. Because of this, a hue like forest green may be a lovely option for a home office or a sitting room. Regardless of the shade, green can reduce your stress level and bring calmness to the space.


Orange is an energetic color that is also associated with happiness. Darker shades can bring warmth into the room and could make a drab space feel more inviting. Lighter shades of orange, such as peach, can bring the same energy into a room without causing overstimulation. Because of the energy that it creates, it may be used most successfully in areas of the home that are used for active socialization rather than for relaxation.


Yellow is commonly used in rooms that range from bathrooms and kitchens to playrooms and nurseries. While it is a versatile color from a design perspective, it generally has the same psychological impact regardless of the tone you choose to work with. It is an energetic color that promotes a happy, alert state. Because of this, deep or bright shades of yellow are not usually used in bedrooms.


From powder blue to midnight blue, the range of shades in this hue is immense. Generally, blue has a relaxed vibe. It has been shown to lower blood pressure and to slow the heart rate. However, darker shades have a sophisticated, quiet feel. Brighter shades bring happy energy into a room. Lighter blue shades can create a sense of tranquility or calmness.


Like yellow and blue, red is a primary color that has deep psychological effects. It has been shown to elevate heart rate and blood pressure, so you may not be surprised to learn that it has a stimulating effect on mood. It boosts both focus and appetite, so it is often used in the kitchen. Red’s impact on energy levels also makes it a great option for social areas of the home, such as a living room. However, it may evoke a sense of aggression when it is too overpowering. With this in mind, red may successfully be used as an accent wall or in combination with a color that balances it out.

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Request a Color Consultation You understandably need to find paint colors that will complement your established décor and that will correspond well with the mood that you want to achieve in the space. At Trusted Painters, our interior painters in Rockford IL will happily apply any paint colors that you select to your walls, doors, trim and more. However, we are also available to assist with your paint color selection. Are you still trying to decide which colors to paint use in your home redecorating project? Call us today to set up a paint color consultation and to request a competitive estimate for your project.