5 Ideas to Make an Interesting Statement When Painting Your Rockford Ceilings

Ceiling Painter in Rockford IL

Could your home’s décor use a pick-me-up? Whether it has been a while since its last refresh or your recent efforts have not been as successful as you were hoping for, there could be a relatively easy solution available. In homes throughout Rockford IL and far beyond, homeowners have neglected the ceiling in their decorating efforts. Whether this was done intentionally or unintentionally on your part, the ceiling represents a large, untouched space with a variety of decorating possibilities.

When this area of a room is not decorated, something about the décor can feel off or even empty. The simple and effective solution is to hire a skilled painting contractor to beautify this area of the home. Our dedicated interior painters at Trusted Painters have the skills and dedication required to produce stunning results that you will love. What are some of the design possibilities for your ceiling?

Beautify the Accents and Trim

Before you look at paint color options for the ceiling, take a moment to weigh the benefits of painting the accents and trim. In many homes, the ceiling is sectioned off by crown molding. It also has several features mounted on it, such as plates for the air vents, light fixtures and ceiling fans. These are accent pieces that are usually painted the same color as the beige ceiling, but another option is available. You can break free of the same-color design trend by painting these accent pieces with a complementary or contrasting hue. Depending on the effect that you want to achieve, you could also choose a dramatic tone like black or a more subdued shade that is only a few shades away from the color on your walls.

Use Ceiling Color to Add Character

You have carefully selected the palette for the rest of your room, so why would you overlook the color of the ceiling? You can take the same design approach with the ceiling as you did with the trim, such as by selecting a contrasting or complementary tone. While you could paint the trim pieces the same color as the ceiling, you could break away and show off these pieces as separate features in the room. Do you need assistance with color selection for your ceiling and trim? At Trusted Painters, our interior painters in Rockford IL are happy to meet with you and to assist with this aspect of your project. With many years of experience, we know how to overcome common decorating challenges with the use of paint and modern application techniques.

Revitalize an Older Ceiling

Does your ceiling have some type of age-related damage? This may be a few hairline fissures, chipped texture or other issues. Unfortunately, beige paint and high-gloss paint can make these blemishes stand out. As your experienced painting contractor, we can recommend lovely solutions that enhance the décor and that hide the blemishes. Simply choosing a darker hue for the ceiling and using paint with a flat finish can do wonders for the space. If you want to add more personality to your ceiling, our painters can use design techniques like swirls, glitter and texture to create splendid results.

Decorate with Beadboard

Beadboard is a popular decorating material that is most commonly installed on walls, but it also has a place on ceilings. This material has long, shallow lines that incorporate texture and pattern into the décor. Often, beadboard is installed in farmhouse-style homes. However, when you choose a creative paint color for your beadboard ceiling, you can potentially showcase contemporary, traditional or other decorative schemes. Our residential painters are happy to handle the beadboard installation work before we start painting your ceiling.

Choose Architectural Tiles

Architectural tiles are usually square pieces of material that have a deep design, and they often have a metallic or unfinished look. When installed on the ceiling, architectural tiles produce a spectacular pattern that creates immediate personality in the space. You can select a metallic finish for your tiles, such as copper or aluminum. You could also hire our interior painters to tint the tiles any shade that you prefer during the installation process.

Set Up a Consultation with Our Team Are you ready to transform some or all rooms in your home with these ceiling design techniques? Regardless of which technique or combination of methods that you select, you do not need to do the hard work on your own. Trusted Painters is the reliable painting contractor that you can count on to pay attention to the fine details and to complete every stage of the process to your satisfaction. If you are excited to explore the possibilities for your Rockford IL home through a consultation, contact our office today.