Have You Considered Chalkboard Paint for Children’s Room?

Chalkboard Paint for Rooms

One frustrating trend for parents that spans generations is children drawing on walls. Today, kids have access to a wider array of markers, crayons, paints and other wall-staining tools that children from past decades or centuries did not have. If you have a child who likes to draw on the walls and do not want to clean off their artwork frequently, a good solution is chalkboard paint on one or more of their bedroom walls.

Since kids love to make their bedrooms their own unique spaces, having a chalkboard wall lets them draw and erase as much as they want. It also saves you from having to clean away stains or paint over large scribbles. Chalk is one of the easiest substances to clean off most surfaces. Chalkboard paint, as its name implies, creates a surface that is similar to a chalkboard. Your child simply uses chalk to draw on it, and all you need is some water and a cloth to clean the wall when it is time to erase the drawings. The interior painters at Trusted Painters can help if you are interested in a chalkboard wall in Rockford.

What Surfaces Are Ideal for Chalkboard Paint?

It is important to avoid confusing chalkboard paint with chalk paint. Chalkboard paint creates a hard and smooth surface that is easy to mark on with chalk and easy to clean. Alternately, chalk paint is a type of paint with a chalky or dusty look, and it is commonly used for rustic-looking craft projects or walls. Although some adults may like the idea of a chalkboard wall as a family communication board, it is most commonly applied in kids’ rooms. These are some ideas for where to use chalkboard paint in your home.


If your child loves to draw all day long, you may want to paint all the walls in that child’s bedroom. Some parents prefer to paint only one wall and use that as a designated drawing area. Also, you can opt to paint only a portion of one wall. Since children cannot reach as high, some parents may only want the bottom half of all the walls in a child’s room painted with chalkboard paint. You may decide to paint other walls if your child does not spend as much time in a bedroom. If you spend a lot of time in a living room, family room or play room with your child, those are also rooms that are great places for chalkboard paint.


If your child has a toybox, a set of shelves, a dresser or any other smooth furniture, you can have those painted with chalkboard paint. A professional painting contractor is familiar with a variety of metal, wood and synthetic surfaces and which ones are ideal for chalkboard paint. Also, professionals know how to prepare different substrates to ensure that paint lasts as long as possible. Giving your child the ability to decorate furniture with chalk can be a fun activity that challenges creativity. For example, if your children are fascinated with unicorns and want a unicorn-themed room, it may cost thousands to buy all the decorations, wall art and themed furniture they want. If you let them decorate their own walls and furniture by drawing the unicorns they want, they have more control over what they create. Also, it can help boost their self-esteem to accomplish something and be praised for their good work.


Some toys can be painted with chalkboard paint. If your child has wood blocks or wood toys with a larger surface area, chalkboard paint can transform them. Whether you homeschool or simply like to plan educational activities at home for your child, you can turn these painted items into learning opportunities. For example, if you paint wood blocks with chalkboard paint, you can draw different shapes on each side. Ask the child to write the name of the shape or draw an animal that starts with the same letter as the shape. You can write letters on there, draw objects or do anything else. Since you can easily clean away the chalk, you can reuse the items to create a wide variety of learning aids.

Benefits of Chalkboard Paint

In addition to giving your child a great way to have fun without creating more work for yourself, chalkboard paint makes sense financially and environmentally. It saves you the expense of buying paper, markers, crayons, cleaning chemicals and other drawing accessories. Chalk is inexpensive and does not take as much time to clean away. Since you are not buying as many chemicals, markers and paper, you are also giving the environment a break by choosing chalkboard paint. If you are a parent who likes to save your child’s artwork, you can still take photos of their chalk drawings every day to store digitally.

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