Colorful Ideas To Paint Your Kitchen Island in Rockford

Painting Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen’s island can give it a completely different look. As you start planning a remodeling project, it is easy to overlook this feature. Since it is a focal point when anyone walks in, be sure to give it the attention it deserves. Many people try to match cabinet materials or countertop designs with the current material of the kitchen island. Just know that you do not have to tether your redesign ideas to what the island current looks like. Painting it can give it a makeover, along with cabinet painting, new countertops or anything else you decide you want.

Go ahead and pick out the remodeling designs or materials you want first and decide on a paint color that looks good with your choices. It is easier to pick your countertop material, wall color and cabinet choices first. Colors are popular now for kitchen islands, and they can give your space a totally new feeling. When you pick a color that blends with the theme, the island can look especially impressive. Our interior painting contractors are here to help every step of the way.

Top Colors for Kitchen Islands

You may be wondering which paint colors you can use on a kitchen island. There are plenty of great choices. Several colors are versatile enough to fit with a variety of countertop materials, cabinet types and wall colors. These are some of the top choices that interior painters and others recommend.


Red may seem like a risky choice. However, it is surprisingly beautiful. Think of a bright, bold red. Think of a deep, rich burgundy. These colors look striking and luxurious with the right kitchen theme. For example, if you have a monochrome look, a bold red is a great choice for some contrast. If you have a bright, warm and rustic look in your kitchen, burgundy is an excellent choice. Contrary to what people say, red will never go out of style. You just have to match it with the right colors or themes.


This is a hue you can have fun with, and there are plenty of different variations. Aqua blue and ocean blue are great if you have a retro look or a coastal theme. If you want to keep it versatile, navy blue is excellent. It pairs with sandstone countertops and oak cabinets, white quartz and mahogany, gray marble and white paint and just about every other combination. Royal blue can work in an all-white kitchen or one with a nautical theme that does not have much color in other areas.


If you want something that is not too dull or too bold, green is a nice choice. Like blue, there are several hues of green that can work fantastically for a kitchen island. For example, mint green is great if you have an all-white kitchen and a retro look or simply want something light and breezy. A dark green is great with darker wood cabinets and granite countertops. Army green also blends well if you want to use natural tones.


This is often the most foreboding color that pops into a person’s mind as a potential kitchen color. However, darker shades are coming back, and the monochrome style is still going strong. Black is elegant and luxurious for a kitchen island with the right supporting theme or colors. It looks fantastic with wood floors. If you are drawn to the striking simplicity of Scandinavian kitchens, a black kitchen island is a good starting place.


Light, medium and dark gray are all good options for various styles. Light gray can make an all-white kitchen look softer. Medium gray is versatile enough to fit well with natural wood floors, warm beige walls and wood cabinets. It looks good with stone floors and countertops. Dark gray looks attractive in all-white kitchens or with natural stone. It is also great if you have brick walls or a brick accent wall in your kitchen.


If the rest of your kitchen has different colors, a monochrome look or natural stone, white may be a good choice. However, if the rest of your kitchen is all white, consider adding some color to really make it pop.

Plan Your Kitchen Island Painting Project

It is normal to feel like you have a color choice dilemma with all the appealing options available. If you need our help finding blending or contrasting colors, we will be happy to assist you. We understand that you want to see the same paint color you see on a sample when the paint is dry, and that is what you can expect with our professional island and cabinet painting services.

Schedule Your Kitchen Island Painting Project in Rockford IL

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