Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Rockford Home’s Exterior

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The exterior paint on a home is a big part of what gives it a unique look. It can make your entire property look better or worse depending on its condition. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market or renting it out, paint is what potential buyers or renters will notice first. If the paint is in good shape, it gives them more confidence that the interior and the rest of the property are also in good shape. Paint is also part of your home’s defense against the harsh rain, wind and snow of Illinois. So, how do you know when you need to repaint your home? It is easy to decide when you know what to look for. These are some ways to tell if you need to call a painting contractor for exterior painting.

Your Paint Is Fading

Years of exposure to intermittent sun, rain, wind, hail and snow cause paint to fade. If your original paint looked glossy and is now no longer glossy, it may be time to repaint. When your paint starts to fade, it is also a good indication that what is left of it is not protecting your home’s exterior very well. If the color looks uneven or faded, it is time for outside house painting. A fresh coat of paint will help it look newer again, protect the exterior and give you another reason to appreciate your home even more.

Your Exterior Color Is Outdated

If you had your house painted a color that was trendy a few years ago and is no longer in style, you may be ready to brush a fresh coat of paint over the old color. It is common for people to choose a drastic or trendy paint color change and be unsatisfied with it a few years later. For example, some people decide to paint their home a much darker or lighter color than what they had, and they may decide to go back to the same color or a similar one to what they had before the change. If you simply want a color change, we can help you choose the right color to ensure you have the exact result you want when it is dry.

Your Paint Is Peeling, Bubbling or Cracking

When paint peels, bubbles or cracks, it is easier for moisture to get behind it. In some cases, bubbling or peeling paint can be an urgent notification of a problem. For example, if your siding is a material that can rot, it may be a sign that the material is already starting to rot. It can also be a sign of mold growth under the paint. Additionally, peeling or cracking paint leaves parts of your siding exposed to the elements. Whenever you see paint chipping, peeling, bubbling or cracking, call a painting contractor right away.

Your Paint Leaves Chalklike Residue

If your paint looks a little faded, you may already know that it is time to repaint. However, if you chose a paint with a matte finish, it may be harder to detect if there is no chipping, peeling, cracking or bubbling. Try running your hand across the exterior. If you notice a chalky residue that is not dirt, it may be time to repaint. When paint starts to wear out, it develops a white film that is powdery. This is because the paint’s binder deteriorates, which causes it to lose its pigment. As it worsens, it causes your home to look dusty. The erosion of the paint film can lead to discoloration and may even damage the structure of the home.

Your Paint Has Mildew or Stains

It is common to see moisture stains on the outside of your home. It may be a mixture of dirt and moisture, which leaves a pattern-like look on the exterior. This should easily wash away with a pressure washer. If your paint is not fading, bubbling or chipping, try scheduling a pressure wash. If that does not solve the issue, it may be time to repaint. When it comes to mildew, a professional may be able to wash that away as well. If there is extensive or stubborn mold or mildew, a professional may recommend a power wash, which is a pressure wash with hot water that can kill mold and bacteria.

You Notice Damaged Stucco or Wood

If wood trim or stucco siding damage exists, there may be more serious damage underneath. Cracks in stucco or drywall can indicate structural issues. If the wood is uneven, it may be damaged by rot, termites or something else. Painters can caulk around trim and fill holes or cracks in wood and some surfaces. However, if they notice serious damage, they will tell you. They can often detect some problems when they prepare or inspect a home’s exterior. For example, they may notice signs of a hard-to-detect termite infestation that you may have otherwise discovered only when it became worse. Finding damage or pest infestations before they get too bad can save you a lot of money.

Is It Time To Repaint Your Home in Rockford IL?

Every paint coat will wear out eventually. Most professionals recommend repainting your home every five or six years. Although some paint coats will last longer, others may not even last that long. Weather, siding condition and other factors determine your paint’s useful life. When you need any exterior painting in Rockford IL, Trusted Painters is here to help. We have years of home remodeling and painting experience and an excellent track record. As a fully insured and licensed painting contractor, we provide you with professional and friendly tradespeople to handle your project. They finish painting jobs on time and on budget. We will be happy to consult with you on colors, scheduling and more. Please contact Trusted Painters for a free estimate on outside house painting in Rockford.