Is Pressure Washing Needed For Your Illinois HOA Community?

Commercial Pressure Washing

Now that spring is here and restrictions on life are being lifted, your HOA’s residents are looking at their homes, curbs, amenities and sidewalks, and they see that they’re in need of a little sprucing up after winter’s touches. As an HOA committee member, you know just how residents are attracted to neighborhoods like yours, but the initial attraction can wear off.

Maintaining proper upkeep of home exteriors, pathways and other buildings is essential in keeping people attracted to your subdivision. It tells people outside the neighborhood just how proud you are of your home and your community. It also keeps the value of all the community’s homes high, which adds to the prestige that your HOA needs to be respected.

With your HOA’s reputation on the line, you should consider professional pressure washing done by an expert painting contractor. Amateur work done by people without experience can lead to damaged surfaces and a less attractive community. Trusted Painters in Rockford IL, is a commercial painting firm that can help you get the services you need safely and efficiently.

Using a pressure washer to clean your surfaces is not only easier for most professional painters to do, it’s also a safer and faster option than scrubbing by hand or even with automatic scrubbing tools. It’s also far less expensive than most other options and provides better results. This is especially true when you use Trusted Painters. Our team has specialized knowledge of pressure washing and our commitments to using the latest equipment and techniques.

A pressure wash is simple enough. It involves using a high-pressure water spray hose that can remove most impurities from surfaces. These impurities can include unwanted paint, caked-on dirt or mud, plant residues, grime or grease. A pressure washer can be applied to most surfaces including wooden decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios and even home siding or walls.

Your average pressure washer will measure at about 2,800 psi, which is over 66 times the pressure of your normal garden hose. Our commercial washers can provide even more pressure than that at about 3,200 psi. They can also shoot water at 3.2 GPM, or gallons per minute, which is roughly one-sixth of the amount that goes through your hose. Any stubborn deposits will meet their match, and you’ll conserve a lot more water this way.

Many HOA managers will ask for power washing in the thought that that’s the same as a traditional pressure wash. In fact, there is a significant difference. On top of the pressurized water, power washers also use a heating element to heat the water to near boiling point.

This means that power washing is better suited for surfaces that are covered by larger amounts of grease or damaged by natural disasters. They’re also helpful for getting rid of crusts caused by salty air on the coast. In Rockford IL, however, power washing won’t usually be needed since it can damage more sensitive surfaces to no net gain. Only ask for a power washer if you need to get rid of living stains such as mold, and always leave such jobs to the professionals.

A proper washing job done by professionals can lead to large surfaces, like basketball or tennis courts, being cleaned with very little likelihood of structural damage in a short time.

By contrast, an amateur job could lead to damaged surfaces just because you aren’t trained in what tips are supposed to be used on certain jobs. Not only does damaged siding look bad, but it can lead to actual structural damage on the home if left untreated.

Another disadvantage to amateur work is that you may end up with vision or hearing loss because your crew forgot about the need for proper eye or ear protection, which is more common than you might think.

There are several benefits to having professional pressure washes done by a commercial painting company. Not only will hiring a professional painting contractor save your HOA time that it could use on other projects, but it will also save your HOA money on the same.

You’ll be able to show your HOA’s members just what they’re getting for their association dues, and that can attract other aspiring residents to move in and make your HOA-guided neighborhood the envy of the region.

Now that you know the benefits of professional pressure washing, you should contact Trusted Painters in Rockford IL, today. You can be sure that our commercial painting professionals are:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Able to work in challenging environments
  • Committed to your schedule and budget

You can also be sure that our friendly crew will treat your committee and your neighborhood with the respect they deserve. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or to receive more information.