What Rockford IL Business Owners Need to Know About Commercial Painting Safety

Commercial Painting Safety

Nothing says fresh and clean like a new coat of paint. However, if you’re considering a commercial painting makeover for your Rockford IL facility, make sure you understand the safety issues before jumping on board.

Industrial painting projects can create multiple hazards in your workplace. It’s essential to partner with an established contractor who employs the proper safety precautions and has enough insurance to cover your risk.

You and your team have a role to play as well. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, your employees may need to make temporary adjustments. When you work with an experienced contractor, you can minimize the risk of an accident while maximizing the efficiency of the project.

Reducing foot traffic in the areas being painted is just one precaution you can take to protect your people as well as the painters. Keeping your team informed about the progress of the job helps to foster cooperation between your employees and the painting contractor’s team.

That being said, here are some things you can do to keep everyone safe while the project in underway.

Implement an Employee Wellness Plan

Slips, trips and falls are common workplace injuries even under normal conditions. These injuries account for almost 35 percent of job-related accidents and make up the bulk of workers’ compensation claims.

Employees can also be exposed to toxic fumes in the areas being painted if the air isn’t circulating properly.

Inhaling these fumes can cause headaches, dizziness, eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea and breathing difficulties. Touching wet paint on surfaces can irritate your skin and damage your eyes if you touch your face.

A professional painting contractor will take multiple precautions to reduce the risk of falls. However, your team should steer clear of freshly painted areas unless they receive enough clearance to ensure safety while passing by. A better plan, if feasible, would be to keep employees out of the area altogether.

Painters wear protective gear, but employees do not. Arranging alternate routes of passage and moving workspaces away from the areas being painted is the best way to protect your team. These measures will help the painting team as well.

Safety precautions should remain in effect until the fumes dissipate and all painting materials are removed from the premises.

Reduce Potential Reportable Safety Incidents

Your commercial painter should operate under and be thoroughly familiar with the most current OSHA safety standards. If a painter gets injured or sick on the job, it will be handled by the painting team.

However, you should receive a complete report about the incident. The report should include a full description of the measures being taken to prevent the incident from happening in the future.

Have a Plan You Can Follow If Someone Is Injured

Ask your HR department what to do if someone on your team gets hurt or sick while the facility is being painted. Reportable safety incidents can mean trouble, even in low-risk industries. They can involve workers’ compensation claims and create problems with your insurance company.

If customers are on the scene, exposing them to risks could increase your liability. An accident that takes only seconds can take up to a year to resolve.

To minimize risk, have a full employee briefing before the painting work kicks off. Inform your team about the project and what it will involve. Advise them of any particulars and provide guidance for staying safe.

Keep Employees and Customers Happy

Express your brand’s good name by making it easy for employees to maintain a typical workflow while the project is underway. Frustrated employees can take matters into their own hands if the commercial painting process interferes with the demands of their jobs.

By ensuring that your team has easy access to everything they need, you can reduce absenteeism while raising morale and productivity.

To the extent possible, keep customers out of the painting area. Although sprucing up the premises lets them know that you care, it can also be an unwelcome distraction or even an eyesore while the work is underway.

Instead, post before and after photos on social media, and advertise your brand for free. Offer the first 10-100 customers discounts if they drop by to check it out.

Reduce Disruption

Contract with commercial painting professionals who will minimize disturbances in the workplace and can make the view as pleasant as possible while work is in progress.

If you can, perform the work when employees are not on the scene. Some painting companies work evenings and weekends. Nevertheless, it’s more likely that you will have to schedule at least part of the job while your people are present.

Implement safety measures in the week leading up to the project and prior to the arrival of the painting team. That includes moving much-used equipment away from the surfaces that will be painted.

Why Partner With Trusted Painters?

A disorganized commercial environment doesn’t cause accidents. However, it does increase the number of hazards that could lead to an injury. A disorganized environment can also lengthen the amount of time it takes to complete the project to your complete satisfaction.

We can show you how to avoid that. At Trusted Painters, we don’t sacrifice safety to achieve excellence. We achieve both. Your project will start and finish on time and on budget. The result will be durable, and the work will be first-class.

We’ve been painting Rockford buildings for over 10 years. Our talented team excels at all types of commercial painting and specialty coating applications. We have an in-depth understanding of the properties and characteristics of different types of paint. We understand how different types of finishes work best with different types of surfaces.

With our state-of-the-art painting equipment and using the latest painting techniques, and we have mastered the art of working in challenging environments. Our professional painting team is fully licensed and insured. If you’re in Rockford IL, call us now to schedule a commercial painting quote. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose by calling.