Exterior Paint Colors That Are On Trend in Rockford for 2021

Top colors for 2021

If you’re looking for a way to improve your home and enjoy it more, a fresh coat of exterior paint is one way to spruce up your property. Whether you’re planning to put it on the market in the near future or simply want a fresh color, exterior paint can boost curb appeal, raise your home’s value and give the outside of your house an aesthetic makeover.

There are several attractive colors that are trending now. Although it’s nice to pick an on-trend color, it’s important to choose one that you’ll be satisfied with for at least three or more years. If you’re considering hiring a residential painting professional in 2021, these are the top on-trend color choices for exterior painting in Rockford IL.

1. Warm White

Off-white with a warm or pearly hue is great for exteriors. This is especially true if you’re sure that you want to sell the home within a few years. White is one of the safest paint color choices, and a warm hue creates a more welcoming feeling. When people are envisioning a place that they can turn into their own comfort zone, warmth is a considerable benefit. If you spent a lot of time outdoors in your yard, you’ll also enjoy the feeling of warmth.

2. Light or Dark Gray

A medium gray can make a home look somewhat drab. However, dark gray can be visually striking. If you have a door with a contrasting color, such as red or white, the visual appeal may be enhanced even more. A light gray color is a practical choice because it hides dirt better than some lighter and brighter colors. If you want to add a splash of cheer that you can change as trends evolve, you can paint your front door yellow, orange or another warm color in a muted or bold hue.

3. Bronze

For the last few years, antique-style decorations have been growing in popularity. If you’re a fan of the idyllic bronze-colored antique finish, this may be an exterior color that suits your taste. There are a few variants, including a more metallic-looking bronze, an aged bronze and more. If you choose bronze as an exterior paint color, you’ll thank yourself for hiring a professional exterior painting company. Professional painters can discuss your ideas with you and find or create the perfect bronze color that you envision.

4. Slate Blue

This is a regal color that you’ll often see on stately coastal homes. If you like the look of such homes and want to bring this cool color to your property, it’s sure to give your home a sophisticated look. If you have storm shutters or enjoy the look of a contrasting door, navy is a good choice that works well for accents. Also, white is a classic choice for accents and trims on homes with slate blue exterior paint.

5. Pewter

Pewter is another sophisticated color that can make your home look more attractive. It doesn’t have the same metallic shine that the metal it’s named after has, but it isn’t as plain as a shade of gray. Its appearance mimics silver and gray combined, giving it a more luxurious look. Dark green, brown, white and dark gray are a few colors for trims that look nice with pewter exterior paint.

6. Beige

Depending on the brand, beige is one of those colors that can look slightly yellow or brown. It’s a popular choice for homes because it creates such a warm and inviting look. Many photos today use warm filters, and warm colors are more popular for interior decorating as well. The warm white that we discussed first is a good choice if you want an accent door, windows frames or shutters of a different color. Also, navy is a good trim and accent choice to pair with beige exterior paint.

7. Navy

If you prefer a darker color and aren’t enthusiastic about gray, navy is a good choice. Navy is another color that you often see on stately homes because of its luxurious look. Contrasting doors, shutters or window frames look stunning against navy. White is a classic choice. Some people choose a light gray for a more subtle look. If you want a bold look, red is a good contrasting color with navy exterior paint.

8. Wood Tone

It’s amazing what professionals can do with paint today, and creating a wood-like look on your exterior is an option in some cases. If you like the trendy look of wood that’s emerging, talk to a paint professional to see if it’s possible to create a wood-like look with stain on your home. Alternately, an experienced painter can help you choose an exterior paint color that matches your favorite wood’s base color.

9. Sand

Although this is a classic color, it’s one that’s still hot for 2021. It’s staying popular partially because of the trend of choosing warmer hues for lighter colors. Sand is a color that’s often used on new homes. One great benefit of choosing this color is that there are many other colors that blend well with it for accents, doors or shutters. Dark brown, light brown and white are a few examples.

10. Green

When you envision a hue of green, don’t think of the bright lime green of the 1970s or the mint green that was popular the 1930s. Earthy greens are in style now. They have more richness, and some have a hint of gray to them. Whether you choose a lighter or darker green hue, it’s important to work with a professional painting company to ensure that you get exactly the color that suits your taste.

Let Trusted Painters Transform Your Home

Painting your home an entirely new color may be a step that makes you feel a little nervous. However, we can help put your mind at ease by working on a visualization for you before you commit to a certain color. This helps you get a better idea of the final color to determine if you’re comfortable with it.

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