How a Professional Rockford Painter Prepares a Room

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You’re at the point where you know it’s time to completely redo or touch up your interior paint, but who can you trust for top-quality interior painting? What should you look for in an interior painter or painting contractor? If you find yourself asking these questions, the first step in choosing someone who is reliable is knowing what to expect during the painting preparation process. A good painter should be able to explain to you in detail what will happen. When you find a reliable painting contractor, you have the benefit of a better value for your money. This is because an experienced painter knows how to properly prepare the room, which is essential for making the paint last longer. If the room isn’t prepared properly, the paint can prematurely peel or crack.

Before we delve into the specifics of what happens when a residential painting contractor prepares a room, it’s important to know what to expect even before that. The painter or company you choose should do three things. First, they should provide you with a free estimate that is accurate. Second, they should discuss colors, finishes and designs with you. They should explain how they will achieve the results you want. Third, they will work with you on scheduling and will specify any special steps they take to ensure your safety or satisfaction. When you have your painting date set and the time arrives, these are the steps you can expect in room preparation.

Step 1: Remove or Protect Furniture and Fixtures

Your furniture, floor and any features in the room should be completely protected. This often involves moving the furniture out of the room temporarily if it can’t be clustered in the center of the room. If it all fits in the center of the room and leaves plenty of space around the walls, the painters will just cover it. They use canvas or plastic sheets to cover everything. Their goal should be to protect your belongings from both damage and paint splatters. They’ll also remove any switch plates or electrical outlet covers beforehand. If lights, shelves or other wall attachments can be removed, they’ll also remove those.

Anything that can’t be removed is covered or taped. Professional interior painters use special tape along baseboards, windowsills, door frames and other areas that aren’t supposed to be painted. The tape ensures an even edge. If you have fixtures or other things that don’t come off the walls, they’ll wrap or cover those as well. Many painters also put most items back after they’re done painting.

Step 2: Repair and Prepare the Walls

Most walls that need to be repainted have cracking, chipping or peeling paint. Some may also have holes from screws, nails or anchors. Plaster and some other types of walls can develop cracks over time. These imperfections need to be repaired and smoothed. If there’s chipping paint or old wallpaper, the interior painters will first remove it. They’ll fill holes, caulk detached areas and seal cracks. They should have the right tools to smooth out the wall as well.

Step 3: Clean the Walls

Once the walls have been prepared, they need to be cleaned. Sanding, scraping and other steps early in the preparatory process create dust and grit. This often sticks to the walls, and it can cause paint to peel away earlier if it’s not completely removed. Good painters will thoroughly clean the walls and ensure that they’re dry enough before they proceed with the final preparations.

Step 4: Prime and Plan Designs

If you have any special designs that you’ll be using in the room, the painters make measurements for them. For example, if you’ll have three solid-colored walls and an accent wall with stripes, the painters must measure for the stripes on the accent wall. Before an interior painter proceeds with finalizing preparations for a design, he or she should verify the design accuracy with you first. Before applying paint, a good painter will prime the walls. Primer is essential for sealing in any substance that could seep through or cause an uneven appearance. Darker colors, wood substrates and different finishes can yield an unpleasant result if primer isn’t applied over them. When primer is applied to a clean wall, it also helps the paint properly adhere. If you want a long-lasting paint job, primer is a must.

After these steps are finished, the interior painting technician should apply the correct number of coats for your needs. Once the paint is dry, a good painter will check with you to make sure that the colors, designs or other aspects meet your needs. During the entire process, a high-quality residential painting contractor should treat you and your property with respect and care. A good painting company will finish the project by the estimated time frame and will stay within your budget. When you get an estimate, the painters should provide a list of costs to show that they know what to expect and have planned ahead.

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