Why Should I Hire a Professional Residential Painter?

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Residential Painter?

You want to improve the appearance of your home’s interior or exterior. Paint will go a long way toward creating the look that you want. Now the question is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. There are compelling reasons why you are hiring professionals from Paint Trusted Painters LLC in Rockford IL would be the right choice. Consider these benefits and see what you think.

1. Working with Your Decorator and You

A residential painter will work with you and your decorator to come up with the ideal color scheme. This will come in especially handy if you would like a custom color rather than something that’s readily found in most paint stores.

Perhaps you’ve given an inspiration piece to the decorator containing the shade you want to use for interior walls or the home’s exterior. The painter will know how to mix colors to come up with a perfect match.

2. Spotting the Little Details That Need Attention

Interior and exterior painters do more than apply fresh coats of paint. They inspect the surfaces for any imperfections that need correcting and arrange to take care of them. They will also note any areas along ceilings, rafters, or other spots that may require special attention. The goal is to determine what it will take to ensure the finished project is free of any blemishes or issues that would make it look anything less than perfect.

3. Identifying the Ideal Paint Products for Your Project

What type of paint would be best for your project? Will there be a need to use primer in certain places? Would a particular approach to applying the pain to a rougher surface work best?

These are all questions that the residential painter will ask and resolve before preparing any type of estimate or quote. The point here is to ensure all the right products and supplies are secured before the work gets underway.

4. Explaining What Works Best and Why

People who are not professional interior or exterior painters, usually have questions about how to select paint, how colors are mixed, and even how the paint is applied. Choosing to hire a painter is the best way to understand what choices you have, and which ones would work best for your home.

Perhaps you are not sure what sort of paint to use for a stucco exterior. A professional can walk you through the preparation process, explain why one type of paint is better than another for this particular project, and help you get some ideas of what the results will be.

5. Securing Paint and Other Essentials at Competitive Pricing

It’s not unusual for professional painters to have discount pricing in place with local providers. That’s good news for you, since it means they can get everything you need for that exterior or interior painting job at a better unit price. That saves quite a bit of money in terms of cost of paints and primers alone.

6. No Need to Buy Brushes, Ladders, Sprayers, or Any Other Supplies

If you chose to do the project yourself, what sort of supplies would you have to buy? Do you have the ladders, brushes, rollers, sprayers, and other equipment needed for any type of paint job? If you are like most homeowners, the answer is no.

By contrast, exterior painters keep all the essentials on hand. You won’t have to buy or rent any of those things. Even if there’s the need for scaffolding to reach an upper floor, the painter already has the right solution in storage.

7. Organizing the Project to Save Money and Time

Since you don’t paint for a living, developing a plan for the project may be difficult. A professional knows how to organize resources in advance and ensure nothing is overlooked. That same professional organizes the steps necessary to managing the job properly. The result is no waste of time or resources. That will also save quite a bit of money.

8. Providing a Detailed and Accurate Quote

There are no surprises with professional painters. You only receive a quote after the professional inspects the space you want painted, identifies every task associated with the project, and knows what it will take to do the job. When you receive the quote, it is detailed, complete, and accurate.

9. Managing the Cleanup

If you’ve ever tackled any type of residential painting project, you know that the cleanup can take a lot of time. Hire a professional and leave this last part of the project in capable hands. Just as the expert who handled the exterior or interior painting knows how to do a thorough job applying the paint, the pro will know how to manage the cleanup efficiently and quickly. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

10. Guaranteeing the Work

If you choose to do the work yourself and an issue develops after a week or so, there’s no one on hand to resolve it. You will end up spending more time and resources to correct the issue. By contrast, a reputable residential painter guarantees the work.

If you notice some flaw with the paint job, all it takes is one phone call to have the pro back at your home. Assuming the issue developed because of something the painter did or failed to do, the issue will be corrected at no additional charge.

Call the team at Trusted Painters LLC today and learn more about what they can do to help you with your Rockford IL residential painting project. Settle on a plan, go over the detailed quote, and set a date for the painting to begin. It won’t take long to understand why leaving the project in the hands of professionals will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. Best of all, the paint job will look great for many years to come.